O7Lab’s anti-phishing as a service is consulted and managed by IT Security Experts with prominent enforcement strategies. Service features includes 24/7 pro-active monitoring with hosted email security, domain registration monitoring, header & forensic analysis, premium detection potentiality. We provide end to end fully managed and manual analysis solutions. O7Lab’s service is a comprehensive end to end solution to mitigate and quarantine phishing incidents quickly.

Our Process

Outline the scope

Establish the project objectives, to scope the number of domains / sub-domains needed to be monitored for anti-phishing, phishing & pharming, malwares, incident response, phishing site take down service etc.,

Launch the phishing program

Once the objectives have been set, we will conduct a mass test phishing attack to the domain email ids. Generate a lookalike domain for launching a phishing attack. Our team will monitor the domain name registrations that is a concern. Monitoring the domain name registrations would prevent an upcoming phishing attack.


After the phishing campaign has been completed, next we will do an analysis on the incident response. Report will be generated of users with email id who have responded to the phishing emails who could be a potential risk in the workforce.


Incident report will be provided to the client which will be helpful for addressing the IT security awareness within the employees regarding the phishing attacks. O7Lab will provide periodical reports reflecting the progress on IT Security.

Risk awareness program

Phished users will be sent an email containing the awareness that he or she has been victimized by the phishing attack and provide them training material to recognize malicious emails and to react responsibly to avoid further risk in the network.

Track and measure Success

Users will be tracked for clicking the phishing emails and links. Continuous measure of those who require training will be monitored. Our team will monitor phishing attack URL and will notify in case of any resumption of phishing activity.

Repeat phishing cycle

Re-iterate the phishing cycle after completing the first round of anti-phishing.


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  • Higher trust for your customers since there is a constant assessment of the internal employee vulnerabilities within the organisation
  • Prevent financial loss from phishing attacks
  • Availability of logs for legal action
  • Empowers employees to report suspicious emails
  • Prepares employees to be more resilient and vigilant against targeted cyber-attacks. A strong foundation of internal security
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements through evidence collection, coordination & reporting
  • Use results to adopt phishing testing and training to departments and employees of greater risk


  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • Incident and analysis report
  • Daily and monthly report
  • Analysis of the vulnerable users
  • Awareness campaign to vulnerable users

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