Top five Benefits of Video Screening

Growing Technology has made the hiring process more efficient to provide an enhanced process for job candidate and interviewer. Video Screening for recruiters acts as the face time of the candidates with recording their response to the specific question of the job. Video screening process helps reduce the number of phone calls to the candidates. Videos can be stored in the cloud for recruiters to view for future need.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Streamlining videos in recruitment process adds scalability into the day-to-day business. These videos can be securely shared replacing long email content describing job candidate take during personal interview breaking geographical barriers. Video screening enables recruiters to engage and recruit talented candidate faster than the traditional hiring process.

Improve Performance Tracking

Video screening process helps to screen the candidates based on their response, attitude, skills and body language. Reviewing videos have proved to be more efficient than handwritten notes for group sharing.


Video screening is simple and time-saving reducing paperwork. Videos streamline the process of recruitment in large organizations and standardizing the screening process and eliminating bias.

Cost Efficient

Traditional recruitment process usually involves many personal interviews. Video screening helps spend for personal interview only on filtered candidates. It supports to shorten the hiring process and helps to reduce the cost of hiring while still accessing a large talent pool.

Scheduling flexibility

The client can provide the questions at their convenience and candidate can respond at their availability. It also gives the opportunity to the candidate to best answer the questions of the recruiter when he/she is comfortable. Video screening helps to bring the resume of the candidate to life and provides the glimpse about a candidates mannerism, technical comfort, speaking skills prior to hiring.