Continuous Monitoring


O7Lab’s Continuous Monitoring of information systems keeps a constant watch on the security posture of your enterprises network. With a balanced combination of people, process and technology we’ll help organisations detect vulnerabilities in the IT environment and maintain compliance with security controls. NIST SP 800-137 STANDARD defines continuous monitoring as “Ongoing awareness of information security, vulnerabilities and threats to facilitate risk-based decision making”.

O7Lab will pro-actively identify and fix issues and advice you the cost to fix them before they are impacting your systems and business users. We make sure your environment stays secure and works efficiently by maintaining the patches and resolving firmware issues.

Our Process


We define the strategy plans based on the identified known and unknown threats in the infrastructure


Establish the measures, metrics, status monitoring and assessment frequencies. This will provide the organizational current and future security status and track the changes in the information system infrastructure


Implementing a continuous monitoring program to track all the assets defined in the standards and collect the data required for the defined measures and document all findings

Analyse / Report

Analyze the data gathered and report the findings with recommendations. All findings will be accompanied with detailed information on the potential threat and how to mitigate it


Remediate the assessment findings by mitigating the threat in the order of priority which will impact business continuity


Review & Reiterate the monitoring program to revise the strategy based on the assets and awareness of the existing vulnerabilities


  • Proactive mitigation and protection against upcoming cyber threats
  • Timely identification of IT vulnerabilities
  • To improve the governance through evaluation of critical assets
  • Enhance revenue
  • Cutting costs, prevent fraud and stop broken processes


  • Log of any change and configuration in software assets
  • Monitoring of Security Controls using automated tools
  • Periodical report and updates on the status of infrastructure

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